Sunday, April 5, 2009

Reflections On Our Seminary Adventure

Manchester Creek Community Church ~

It's been a long journey getting to Rock Hill, South Carolina. But every step of the way has been completely worth it.

Our journey started nearly three years ago when we realized Ken could not graduate from Southern Seminary without resigning his pastoral position in Minnesota. We then spent a year preparing to leave St. Paul-- planning, packing, apartment searching, selling our house, wrapping things up at church, and saying our good-byes. Somewhere during that year, Ken sensed God preparing him to be a senior pastor.

Then we had 22 amazing months in Louisville, Kentucky. Our time at Southern Seminary was like being in a spiritual greenhouse and a pressure cooker at the same time. It was an intense time of training and preparation for Ken as well as for me. Our entire family needed to make a focused effort of all our energy, time, and money in order for Ken to finish his degree in a year and a half.

During this entire journey, we have been praying for the church where God would send us. And now we're here, at Manchester Creek Community Church. God has answered so many of our prayers already!

Thank you for journeying with us. It has been such fun to share our experience with so many friends and family through the blog.

Here we are, on Ken's first Sunday as pastor of Manchester Creek. We made it!!

And thus we conclude Cookbooks & Commentaries: The Schmidt Family's Seminary Adventure.

Of course, getting here is just the beginning of a new season of life. Continue to follow along with us at Kim's new blog, Fill This House.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our New Rock Hill Home

We are settling into our new home in Rock Hill, and it is so fun!!!!

We are still learning some of the crazy means through which God has provided a home like this for us. One such way is that the house has mismatched carpet. The word on the street is that many potential buyers turned up their noses at it, so the builder had to lower the price drastically. Guess what? We are praising God for mismatched carpet!

Some areas of the house are unpacked and functioning well ~

Other areas need some work ~

God has given us abundantly more than we have ever asked or imagined!

The Funny Thing About Seminary

Our friends and former neighbors, Brian and Kacie, finished seminary a year ahead of us and moved on to Ohio where Brian is a pastor.

Kacie has an excellent blog called Wondrous Love. At the end of their seminary time, she posted a list of funny things about seminary life. This list still makes me laugh and is oh-so-true.

Check it out here.