Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Things They Say

Enjoying some delicious corn on the cob for dinner:

Calvin: We haven't had corn on the cob for 10 years.

Playing I Spy outside with Grandma Patti:

Grandma: Have you seen any numbers?

Calvin: No. (looking around) Well there's a number, number 4. That's Brett Favre's number. Did you know he's coming back to life, Grandma?

Jumping in a bouncy house at Lookout Ridge indoor climbing gym:

Calvin: Barack (bounce) Obama (bounce). Barack (bounce) Obama (bounce). (Adults snickering all around him)

Mama: Calvin, who is Barack Obama?

Calvin: He's a Philistine!

While reading a Bible story with Grandpa John, or "Bop":

Bop: Have you ever seen an angel?

Calvin: There are no angels in Kentucky!

Steering Bop's boat, a 31-foot power cruiser, and Bop tries to take the wheel:

Calvin: I don't need your help.

Encouraging Teddy to finish his dinner:

Mama: Make your food go down to your tummy, Teddy Dean.

(Teddy lifted his shirt and started poking his tummy with a french fry.)


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Things They Say

The way Calvin greeted me this morning:

Cal: Mama! Is today 'tomorrow'?

Me: Yes! I guess it is!

Cal: Yea! I get to wear my Mr. Incredible shirt!

After giving Ken a big hug and kiss as thanks for finding some lost toy cars:

I have to go upstairs now and wash my hands. I did pee pee's.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

5th of July Party

We continued celebrating Independence Day with a 5th of July Party today with our Adult Bible Fellowship....

Little Gracie, Big Grace, and Kay-wa (as Calvin calls these sweet girls). These three are already good multi-taskers...they are playing Old Maid while swinging ~

We had a great time swimming today. My hands were too full to take pictures while I was swimming with Cal and Ted (imagine that), but afterwards I snagged a photo of the Davenport family ~

Precious little Katherine pushed herself up to standing for the first time today. Isn't she a doll? ~

Some card sharks emerged ~

Great food, of course ~

My food contributions were two kid-pleasers ~

Dorislee after doing an underwater back flip. This is one talented attorney ~

Some of the firecracker-happy Baum family ~

A super cute Beaner Baby ~

A big thanks to Eric and Amy for opening up their home to us! What fun to spend the day with our church friends!

Happy Independence Day!

For the second year in a row, we celebrated Independence Day at the Crescent Hill Old Fashioned Fourth of July.

We ate tons of junk food ~

Listened to a Dixie Land brass band ~

Played instruments at the Music Together tent ~

Visited Sweet Petunia the clown ~

Watched an antique car parade ~

And we went for a trolley ride ~

What a great day! Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Things They Say

Calvin has had us laughing lately. Here are a few of his funniest (and sweetest) lines:

While walking barefoot across hot pavement:
My feet are spicy.

Praying before breakfast this morning:
Dear God, rule over Teddy's heart and make him as happy as he can be.

When I served him a bowl of old-fashioned oatmeal:
This is good porridge.

After I told him we may not be able to go to the zoo because of the weather:
I heard on the blog it's not gonna rain.

The boys were crying and whining that daddy had to leave and go to work:
Me: That's what daddies do, boys. They go to work to make money for their families. And mommies take care of the children. When you grow up to be men, you will go to work, too.
Calvin: I don't want to grow up to be a man.
Me: Sure you do, Calvin!
Calvin: No, mama, I always want to be your boy.

(Okay, melt my heart...)

Right before I prayed for a meal:
Mama, will you pray and ask God to give me a wife when I become a man?

And Teddy's favorite thing to say lately:
Mmm bite.

(This is short for "The food on your plate looks better than the food on my plate. You will give me some of yours now.")