Saturday, July 5, 2008

5th of July Party

We continued celebrating Independence Day with a 5th of July Party today with our Adult Bible Fellowship....

Little Gracie, Big Grace, and Kay-wa (as Calvin calls these sweet girls). These three are already good multi-taskers...they are playing Old Maid while swinging ~

We had a great time swimming today. My hands were too full to take pictures while I was swimming with Cal and Ted (imagine that), but afterwards I snagged a photo of the Davenport family ~

Precious little Katherine pushed herself up to standing for the first time today. Isn't she a doll? ~

Some card sharks emerged ~

Great food, of course ~

My food contributions were two kid-pleasers ~

Dorislee after doing an underwater back flip. This is one talented attorney ~

Some of the firecracker-happy Baum family ~

A super cute Beaner Baby ~

A big thanks to Eric and Amy for opening up their home to us! What fun to spend the day with our church friends!

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Amy said...

I'm so glad you got pictures! We didn't take a single one! We missed Ken, but were so glad you got to bring your sweet boys! Ben talked about them until he fell asleep last night! :)