Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Things They Say

Enjoying some delicious corn on the cob for dinner:

Calvin: We haven't had corn on the cob for 10 years.

Playing I Spy outside with Grandma Patti:

Grandma: Have you seen any numbers?

Calvin: No. (looking around) Well there's a number, number 4. That's Brett Favre's number. Did you know he's coming back to life, Grandma?

Jumping in a bouncy house at Lookout Ridge indoor climbing gym:

Calvin: Barack (bounce) Obama (bounce). Barack (bounce) Obama (bounce). (Adults snickering all around him)

Mama: Calvin, who is Barack Obama?

Calvin: He's a Philistine!

While reading a Bible story with Grandpa John, or "Bop":

Bop: Have you ever seen an angel?

Calvin: There are no angels in Kentucky!

Steering Bop's boat, a 31-foot power cruiser, and Bop tries to take the wheel:

Calvin: I don't need your help.

Encouraging Teddy to finish his dinner:

Mama: Make your food go down to your tummy, Teddy Dean.

(Teddy lifted his shirt and started poking his tummy with a french fry.)



Kacie said...

The Barak Obama comment totally cracked me up. :)

Chris said...

I think you should call up John McCann Campaign and give them that idea.

Lady Librarian said...

I my goodness. I am seriously sitting on my couch with my laptop and crying with laughter! Tears are streaming. Calvin is so smart AND hilarious (even when he doesn't know it!)
Here's my favorite Isaac (age 5) quote for you:
Isaac: (clearing throat - a lot)
Mama: Isaac, do you have a frog in your throat?
Isaac: I don't know, I can't get it out.
Blessings, Tara