Friday, August 8, 2008

What's good about pro football

As you can imagine, the events surrounding Brett Favre and the Packers over the last couple of months have bothered me. I told Kimberly yesterday, "Brett Favre and the Packers have caused me to tire of the NFL before the season even began."

This morning, I read a blog from C. J. Mahaney concerning Art Monk. Take a look at Monk's Pro Football Hall of Fame comments. The difference between the Favre/Packers situation and Art Monk is a matter of humility. The former, and we, could learn much from the humility of a man changed by Christ.

I still enjoy football. Last night my friend Gil and I watched a preseason game. I still love the Packers and Favre. I hope the Pack wins the Super Bowl and the Jets do well. Through this whole situation, Calvin made me smile. The other day he said, "Dad, will Brett Favre be a Viking?" I said, "No, I hope not." He replied, "That's good, because we don't like the Vikings, yuck!"


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