Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ready For More Minnesota Pictures?

I was so blessed during our trip to have one Girls' Day Out. I met two of my friends from my Campus Crusade days, Sarah and Heidi, in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, for lunch. We started talking as soon as we saw eachother and didn't have so much as a lull until hours later when we parted. Good friends, sweet Christian fellowship ~

Ken and I were hosted by so many friends during out visit, including Jeremy and Marlene ~
And we were able to catch up with the Caldwell family that evening as well ~

The next morning, we drove to Bayfield, Wisconsin, and then took a ferry to Madeline Island. We spend time on Grandpa John's boat. Did you know it's so easy to pilot a 30-some-foot cruiser, even a child can do it? Check it out ~

Our family cottage on Madeline ~
Beach fun in front of the cottage ~

Taking down "Bop" with the swim noodles ~
Lunch on Madeline at Grandpa Tony's, a family favorite ~

An evening cruise on Bop's boat ~

A Superior sunset ~
More beach play with cousins Katherine and Tyler ~

The ferry, headed back to Bayfield ~

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