Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Minnesota, Continued

More from our Minnesota trip...

Along with all the little cousins, we had lunch in Grandma Maggie's garden. The children discovered interesting garden ornaments and played with sidewalk chalk ~

They were so busy it was difficult to catch more than one at a time in a picture. Notice the coordinating Hawaiian clothes on these four busy little bees ~

And one stationary flower ~

A perfect resting spot for a little one ~

We also spent some time with our old neighbors, Mike and Mary Breci. They took us swimming at the YMCA, then back to their home for some rice krispie treats and bubble toys ~

It was fun to be in our old neighborhood again and see some of our dear friends there ~

There's still lots more Minnesota Pics!

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Chris said...

Were you having a Luau? There's a lot of "print" going on in those pictures! I love, love, love the picture of the little girl. Started to think, "How could I use that in one of my publications?"
Hope you are well,