Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to School

Ken is back to school now; he's oh-so-happy! The evidence is all around me. Greek vocab cards in little piles around the house, chapel programs on the counter, books and highlighters on the mantle. Can you picture it?

And that also means that I am back to Seminary Wives Institute! Yea!

This term, I am in a class on the Southern Baptist Convention. The first three weeks will be about the history of the baptists. The second three weeks, I believe, will be about the institutions and resources of the SBC.

Last night was my first session and I was delighted to learn from Dr. Thomas Nettles, one of the foremost baptist historians in America. He took us, at breakneck speed, from the English Reformation of the 1500's to the first baptist missionaries in 1810.

Ken had a church history class with Dr. Nettles last spring, and he also took a seminary-level SBC class this past summer. It is fun to get a taste of what Ken learned over the past year.



Elizabeth said...

I love Seminary Wives Institute and am so thankful for all it offers! Thanks for sharing!

Chris said...

I do believe that Ken Schmidt married well :-)