Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Fun Season

This NFL season has been fun to watch. A great joy for me has been watching the Packers win more games in the first half of the season than I thought they would win all year. This has been a pleasant surprise. But the great joy of the season has been Calvin's enthusiastic love for the Packers this year. On Sunday we sat together and cheered the Packers on to another victory (a 34-0 demolition of the Vikings...ok, I took too much joy in writing that, please forgive me). As I think about it, I find more joy in spending time doing what I love (watching the Packers) with one of the three most important people on this earth. With the boys growing up so quickly, I find myself enjoying every moment I get with them. Being a father and a husband is such a great gift from our heavenly Father.

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Bren said...

Go Packers! Glad to see you are doing your part in raising them right Ken! Glad you enjoyed the game - your face is still missed here!(Now, get to work!):)