Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Louisville Ice Storm

Our "Schmidt Family Seminary Adventure" won't be properly chronicled without any mention of what transpired over the past week...

On January 27th, an ice storm froze our city into a crystalline Narnia. Trees were weighed down to the breaking point under thick ice, many of them bowed over to the ground, unable to withstand the weight. Many other trees were uprooted, including one in our backyard.

Hundreds of thousands of people were left in the cold without electricity as these downed trees took out power lines. We were among those thousands. By the morning after the storm, our house was too cold for our little children to tolerate.

Our friends from church, Steve and Tammy, opened their home to us. We imposed on them for a full week as we waited for the Louisville Gas & Electric trucks to roll into our neighborhood.

Our power came back on yesterday, and now we are joyfully back in our home. Ironically, this happened to us before, during "Windstorm 2008." I can't help but laugh at what life hands you sometimes.

A word about our hosts, Steve and Tammy (and their three young children!): They were so good to us! We felt completely welcome and wanted. Through all the hassles of being displaced, being in their well-run, child-friendly home made it much easier on us.

And a word about our great God and Savior: The Lord has provided abundantly for our family. In a city where we have no family, few roots, and have only lived a short time, God has given us a spiritual family-- our church.

As our family sang at bedtime last night, "God Is So Good!"



Suzanne said...

Sorry you had such a week! A taste of the North!

Tammy said...

We had a great time visiting with you are always welcome in our home!