Friday, September 19, 2008

Still No Power

Our home is still without electricity or telephone. Now it has been 5 1/2 days.

Our friends, Steve and Tammy, have power at their house. They are graciously allowing the Schmidt clan to crash at their house while they are out of town this weekend. A computer, telephone, television, hot showers, hair dryer, refrigerator, washer and dryer, an oven...this is luxury.

We have been doing just fine though. Many blessings come from "unplugging" for a few days, as anyone who goes camping knows. Some lessons learned:

  • I spend way too much time on the computer.
  • Reading by flashlight is tricky.
  • I take hot water for granted.
  • Without hot water for washing (clothes, dishes, floors, ourselves, little boys), bad smells crop up quickly.
  • Grilling is awesome! With only one cooking method, we're trying all kinds of delicious grilled crisp, roasted green beans and mushrooms, creole tinfoil packets, honey-drizzled grilled peaches, pizza, chocolate biscuit "clouds." Yes, we are eating quite well.
  • I understand why the average nightly hours of sleep was so much higher in ages past. Without electricity, there's little reason to stay up past dark or get up before sunrise. We are well rested!
  • Gathering around a couple candles and a single flashlight in the evening is great family bonding time.
  • Lacking some of our usual entertainment, we've been telling jokes to one another. Fun!

Louisville Gas and Electric was working two blocks from our home shouldn't be too much longer.



Amy said...

Aw, I assumed when I saw your last post that your power was back on! I know you're taken care of now, but you're always welcome to come shower/wash clothes/play games in the dark here, too! :)
Kim, I worried about you flying home on Sunday, and our phone was out so I didn't call....glad you're home safely!

hgreenwalt said...

Hi Kim, Ken and Kids!
What a great way to celebrate not having electricity! I love hearing about ways families just make things fun...and make situations exciting and blessings to one beautiful!

Thanks for your godly example to gives me great strive for a life that is always pleasing to Christ...finding others of like mind - wanting to grow in Christ, in our marriages and the raising of our children... it is so encouraging!
Thanks again for coming last weekend...can't believe it's been a week! Yikes!
Thanks for blessing my life! I look forward to keeping in touch!

Heather Greenwalt

Nancy said...

Wow! All of your grilled food creations sound wonderful!! Maybe we can try some of those on the island sometime or maybe you should post some of the really tasty ones! Did your power come back on today?