Friday, September 26, 2008

Food and Clothing

When we moved last December into our current home, I blogged some "thoughts on moving," and the disorganization and stress of it all. I commented on Carolyn Mahaney's advice to, in busy seasons, focus on food and clothing.

I have since wondered if that comment made sense to anyone but me. But it's simple, practical advice that I've found so helpful as a wife, mother, and homemaker, so I want to point you to the GirlTalk blog entry for today. The GirlTalkers explain this principle much better than I can, a principle that can really lift the burden you may feel when you face a busy season. Click here to read more.


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Nathan and Heather Greenwalt said...

I love that website (blog) clear and helps moms not feel as guilty as we are good at doing. I heard a quote yesterday on Dobson (can't remember who the speaker was...) but they said... let go of the guilt and let God work...
That can apply to every area of life...can't it?
Have a great weekend, Schmidts!