Friday, December 7, 2007

Thoughts On Moving

Well, we are moved into our new home, a house in Louisville that we are renting from some acquaintances. Our move has had its stressful moments, but we are safe and sound and somewhat settled in.

Even though we are unorganized, have a Green Bay Packers blanket covering one window (Ken doesn't mind), empty boxes strewn about the back entry, and all the wall hangings piled up in our bedroom, we are enjoying the house and feel very blessed by what God has provided.

The first big blessing is that we have three bedrooms. Teddy is sleeping in his own room for the first time, which means Ken and I have our own room again! No more sneaking in and out of our bedroom (which didn't really keep Ted from waking anyway). Everyone is sleeping much better with this arrangement.

The house has mostly wood floors, which is fun for the boys. Calvin calls it our "wood home"; he has been busy racing all his cars. The boys are loving the extra space to play and chase each other.

We are enjoying how quiet the house is compared to our apartment. This is also making for better sleeping for everyone. Ahhhh....

And, one more wonderful cigarette smoke from neighbors.

Here are some of my opinions about moving in general:

  • When the kitchen is unpacked, it feels like home.

  • In-town moves are tons easier than out-of-state moves.

  • When there are more urgent family and household needs than can possibly be tackled immediately, take Carolyn Mahaney's advice to focus on food and clothing. I will add to that beds and garbage removal. Very important.

  • The children adjust easier than I do. I guess I'm 28 and unflexible.

  • Being without a telephone for a few days is challenging. But payphones do still exist and work quite well.

Please email us to get our new address.


Chris said...

Ken & Kim,
Thanks for the update. How wonderful that you can enjoy extra space and sleep. What a bonus! I will email for your address.

Kacie said...

I'm glad that your new house is working out so well! Enjoy!