Thursday, December 27, 2007

Calvin, the defender of truth

Two days before Christmas, Calvin and I went to Target to buy treats for mommies stocking. As the lady checked us out she asked Calvin if Santa Claus was going to bring him presents. He replied, "Santa Claus is not real." She said, "No, he is real and he will bring you presents." Calvin responded, "He is not real!" I told the teller that we told Calvin the truth about Santa Claus, she looked at me like I was the worst parent in the world. Calvin has told a few people, "The lady said there is a Santa Claus and I told her he is not real!"

The speaking truth part is there, we just need to make sure the love part is there. I am very proud of my boy's stand for truth.


Amy said...

lol. This reminds me of Kaela. We won't let her play with Bratz dolls. It never fails that when she goes to someone's house who does have them, she'll tell them, "Mommy won't let me play with those. They're not modest, and that doesn't honor God." I'm mortified, but I'm glad she understands our lesson. :)

Chris said...

That is great Ken, maybe next year he will add...but Jesus is! Merry Christmas to your family and a Happy New Year!