Friday, December 28, 2007

Schmidt Family Christmas

We have had difficulty loading pictures onto our computer over the past couple weeks, but we finally found a solution. Now we can share some of our Christmas pictures! Above is a picture of our family in front of the church Christmas tree last Sunday morning. Our boys are in their adorable matching Christmas outfits from Grandma Patti.

Auntie Lyndsay sent the boys some Christmas pancake molds. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast Christmas "Eve" morning of snowflakes, elves, and snowmen. Calvin was tickled pink to be eating snowmen for breakfast. I think this will turn into a yearly tradition. Thank you Dan and Lyndsay!

This is after the Christmas Eve candlelight service. Sitting in church on Monday night made me think of last year's candlelight service in Minnesota: Holding my tiny, five-day-old Teddy Dean, marveling at his sweet face and tiny hands, while singing about Jesus' birth.

New toys!

Christmas Day at Scott and Marcie's house...The Kids' Table.
Christmas was fun and special this year. But it was different, as well. Family in Minnesota, Seattle, and Houston, we missed you!

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Nancy said...

We had fun on Christmas. We went to Illinois. from: Josh

Hi Schmidts! We missed you, and seeing your cutie boys. Happy Birthday Teddy! It was fun for all of us to see little Teddy last year at Christmas Eve and remember how little our Savior began! Love the Ahrenholz's