Saturday, December 15, 2007

Away In A Manger

A couple days ago, Calvin and I worked together to put out our nativity scene. I was so impressed with the care he was taking with each piece, and how interested he was with the whole thing. Since he so enjoyed it, I decided to take the risk of displaying it within reach. Here you can see both Calvin and Teddy examining the manger.

For an hour or more, Calvin played happily by the manger, looking at the baby Jesus and singing, "Away In A Manger." I was in the kitchen, smiling as I listened to him play in the other room. How precious, I thought.

Later in the day, Calvin was alone for a while as I tended to Teddy. I came into the living room to find the nativity pieces strewn about, and the manger grass and shrubs smashed into the carpet. My two-year-old was not so trustworthy after all.

The nativity is now safely displayed above the TV armoire. The three wise men journeying on camels toward Bethlehem are the only pieces within reach.

I guess any hands-on manger activity will need to wait for a couple years. For now, we will talk about the nativity and admire from a distance.

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