Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas family and friends! We are enjoying our first Christmas in Kentucky. As Kim and I crept into Calvin's room to place his stocking at the foot of his bed, he sat right up and shouted, "Is it time for presents?" (Good thing we have told him the truth about Santa Claus)

Our morning started at 7:00 am with stockings. Then we had a wonderful breakfast. Calvin asked to be excused and stood by his presents patiently waiting until Dad and Mom and Teddy finished eating. When we finally arrived in the living room he was shaking with excitement.

Both Calvin and Teddy Dean loved all of their gifts. Kim and I were the recipient of many wonderful gifts as well. Oh yeah, Calvin is not good at surprises. He whispered to mommy last night as they snuggled in his bed, "I got you Jelly Bellies in your stocking."

After gifts and a nap (for daddy and Teddy Dean) we went for a walk. It is almost 50 degrees and sunny today so this was a wonderful family time. We are getting ready for afternoon naps (yeah!) and then we are off to our friends' home, Scott and Marcie.

As we exchange gifts today, we are remembering the greatest gift ever given: Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas to all, we miss and love all of you dearly.

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Tim and Suzanne said...

I can so relate!