Friday, December 14, 2007

Random thoughts...

  • I just ran out of my supply of Caribou Sumatra Decaf that Pat G. sent down in November. I love Caribou, nothing compares down here.
  • I love bagels. For those of you who know me, this is amazing. I do not know what happened.
  • The Green Bay Packers are having a great season. The beauty of it is that I still have no expectations of them.
  • Baseball is in sad shape.
  • I am studying the book of Genesis. I am more and more persuaded that the point of this book is to tell us who God is and who humanity is and what that means. It was not written to determine how many days creation entailed and to give us an age for the earth.
  • I am also studying the theme of worship. Worship is about engaging with God in the way that He reveals pleases Him.
  • I am excited about Christmas this year. We are having friends over for Christmas Eve from my work and our church. This is going to be a wonderful time of singing Christmas carols and reading the story of the birth of Jesus.
  • I have been home the last two days and been in charge of discipline for Calvin. It is a tiring job. He is in a rebellious stage and needs constant discipline. It is starting to work, his heart is softening and he is obeying more. I am more thankful for Kimberly and all her hard work as I have taken on the role of main disciplinarian.
  • We have great friends. Everywhere we go, God places amazing people in our lives that give generously of their time and talents. The body of Christ is called to minister to one another. I only hope that my family will be a blessing to others as others have been a great blessing to us.
  • I like the weather in Louisville. It is cool now, but not cold. We have yet to have snow. This is a very good thing.
  • I do want snow on Christmas Eve...then I want it to melt quickly.
  • That is it for now...


Bren said...

Ok - I hear the hint - what is your address and I will send down some 'real' coffee!

Chris said...

Hmm...I want snow...I want it to melt quickly. I want cake and I want to eat it too...and not wear it on my hips...I know you miss this 7 below weather Ken. You can't fool me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brenda and Chris:

There is much to miss about MN, coworkers, Caribou, but not the weather in the winter. I am not missing the below zero weather...I will miss the Christmas concerts this week. Gil does an amazing job. Calvin says hi to his old church friends.