Monday, November 24, 2008

A Perfect Gentleman

I went out on a date yesterday...with Calvin.

Saturday night, he asked, "Mama, would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow?"

How could I say no?

And he had thought it through, too. "We could go on our date after church when Teddy and Daddy take a nap," he said.

I like a man with a plan!

Before we headed out together on Sunday, Ken had a private little talk with Calvin. The talk resulted in Calvin opening the doors for me, and, get this...paying.

We had a wonderful time at Dairy Queen, enjoying small vanilla ice cream cones. Calvin made good conversation, too.

A perfect little gentleman. I hope he asks me out again.



David said...

Wow, watch out ladies. I think you might be starting him off a little young.

Bren said...

How sweet!

Nathan and Heather Greenwalt said...

Oh that is the sweetest ever. What a great kid! Praying for my girls to find a nice gentleman like that some day! Can you move back to MN when they are older...maybe we can arrange something!