Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wrapping Things Up

Cookbooks & Commentaries has been silent for awhile, we realize. We've been busy wrapping up our time at Southern Seminary. That's right, folks, we've reached the end. Today is Ken's last day of class and he will graduate on December 12!

And speaking of wrapping up, I have also reached the end of my classes with the Seminary Wives Institute. When I saw in my inbox yesterday that spring registration will soon be open, I had a twinge of sadness, because tonight will be my final class.

I have a number of thoughts to share about SWI, so here comes one of my favorite things--a bulleted list!

  • The SWI Family Life Conference last weekend was excellent. Dr. and Mrs. York led the conference, sharing personally from their own marriage, giving us all a window into their godly, dynamic, fun and passionate marriage.

  • Tonight I will be finishing the Old Testament/New Testament Survey course.

  • Dr. Betts, teaching the Old Testament part of the course, really made me think about how God's heart for the nations shows so clearly in the Old Testament.

  • Dr. Doug Walker taught New Testament survey, and I particularly enjoyed his lecture on canonicity.

  • Early this fall, I took a class on the Southern Baptist Convention. Mrs. Mohler taught us about the agencies and institutions of the Cooperative Program. I learned that the scope of SBC-funded ministries is vast, and I have a lot more to learn about them!

  • In our nearly 18 months in Louisville, I have completed 12 units of SWI courses. I also attended one Seminar Saturday. (I didn't do the coursework for the Seminar Saturday, however, so no credit on that one!)

  • My courses were Discipleship I & II, Essentials for Ministry Wives I & II, Conflict Management, Public Speaking for Ministry Wives, Redeeming the Time, Ministry of Hospitality, Lessons in Prayer, SBC I & II, Old Testament/New Testament Survey, and Family Life Conference.

  • Southern Seminary wives reading this (I know you're out there!), don't miss this unique opportunity. SWI will equip you to serve better alongside your husband. Make the sacrifice and go for it!

  • SWI has blessed me immeasurably.



Kacie said...

Congratulations on being finished! I know it must be so bittersweet for both of you.

Amy said...

I know it's inevitable. We've had plenty of time to prepare for it....
And we are very proud of you!
But we'll still try to talk you into staying... :)
Love you guys!

Pat said...

Congratulations on finishing up. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ken