Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Family Night: Homespun Christmas

Tonight we made popcorn garlands, sang Christmas carols, and had homemade hot cocoa.

Teddy and Calvin's contribution to the garland project? Eating popcorn and making a royal mess.

Teddy also put popcorn in his cocoa and told Ken it was marshmallows. Smart kid; he fooled his dad. Ken spooned it out and was about to eat it. "Hey!" Ken said, "That's not a marshmallow!" Teddy just giggled. How can a not-quite-two-year-old be such a trickster? Answer: He's Ken Schmidt's son.

The garlands are now adorned with Wraffia bows and hanging over the back doorway. They're pretty, in a Cabin Christmas sort of way. (Though I'm wondering how long I'll be able to stand the stale popcorn smell coming from that doorway. I have an overly sensitive sniffer.)

After advent readings tonight, we knelt together to pray. The boys have prayed for a teenage boy named Ben ever since they met him two months ago. Calvin prayed, "Dear God, thank you for Ben. Please anoint him." Okay. Prayer time then dissolved into giggles. Anoint him?? Hmmm....maybe that came from memorizing Psalm 23 as a family. I'm positive, though, that Calvin has no idea what "anoint" means!

The Christmas song that went along with tonight's reading was "We Three Kings." No sooner had Ken and I started singing, "We three kings of Orient are bearing gifts we traverse afar..." than the kids started galloping around the living room, down the hall, through the kitchen and back again.

Our family advent times this year lack a certain...shall we say...reverence. But we'll choose to savor these antic-filled Christmas moments while we still can.


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Dyer Importance... said...

I LOVE IT! How fun. What are you following for your advent reading each night?