Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Courtship Continued

Our lives have been a whirlwind over the past couple months.

It's difficult to unpack it all, but the gist is this:

We are moving to Rock Hill, South Carolina, where Ken will be the Lead Pastor of Manchester Creek Community Church!

This is the church I wrote of in January, when I said we were currently in a "courtship" with a church.

Since that January post, we have travelled to Rock Hill twice. The first trip was sort of exploratory; we felt we needed to see it and meet people face-to-face to know if we could really plant ourselves there. That trip was fantastic! We had some sweet times of fellowship with the search committee and with the elders and their wives.

We left that weekend knowing without a doubt that we wanted to be at Manchester Creek.

A couple weeks later, we drove to South Carolina once again. (Both trips were with the kids...I know some of you are wondering...and it's a nine hour trip from Louisville. The drive is through the hills and mountains of Tennessee and is really quite beautiful.) This second trip was a candidating weekend. We met more of the church families, did some house-hunting, and Ken preached for Sunday worship.

A week after that, the church voted unanimously to call Ken as their Pastor!

Coming up: Ken and I will describe the church to you a bit, explaining why we "fell in love" with it.



Elizabeth said...

Yes, and we need photos of all the beautiful landscape on the way and of the church, etc. Chad and I love the mountains of North Carolina so we hope to be able to visit you all sometime in South Carolina! Such a beautiful part of our country!

Kacie said...

We're so happy for you guys! This sounds like a great fit. Praise God that you've already found a house!