Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Blessings of a Godly Wife

I know that my wife is a godly woman, no one needs to remind me of this truth. This morning has served as another reminder. Kimberly is at church with Calvin as I type. Teddy is sick and not able to go to church today. For the first time in our marriage, Kimberly is not obligated to stay home because of pastoral responsibilities on my part. I am so thankful for sacrifices that Kimberly has made a pastor's wife and godly mother over the last four years. Not once did she make me feel guilty for leaving the house with the boys crying.

On the flip side, this morning has been a blessing. I have been able to spend uninterrupted time with my boy Teddy! Although he is sick, he is still playing, smiling, and cooing. He is napping now and I am spending time in Judges 4. Wow, God is so gracious in spite of our rebelliousness.

I am blessed!


Julie Curtis said...

Hi Ken and Kim,

We were sorry to have missed your going away get-together at church. We arrived late and the line was soooo long which was a good thing! We most certainly miss you guys.

I love the blogging thing! It is a great way to keep in touch with your family.

By the way, although I am not in New Orleans with the group, I personally think 10:00 am is early! It is a sad thing, however, as you get older sleeping in late is not as easy as is used to be! :)

Talk at you later!
Julie Curtis

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie,

Thanks for the comments, we miss you as well. We are loving it down here, if the pay wasn't so horrible I think I would be a career seminary student. I used to be a night owl, and then about six years ago I became a snooty morning person. Must be the coffee!

Keep in touch,


Julie Curtis said...


You mean that mud you drink? Coffee?


The Lincoln's said...

Ok you guys, I don't have this blogger thing down yet, but one day I'll be a pro on the computer. Glad to hear you guys are making friends in your new church. How is Calvin's bee sting doing? Did he get any bad reactions? And yes Ken, you do indeed have a Godly wife!

The Lincoln's said...

p.s. Hi Julie, guess we know what each other is doing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Paige,

Calvin's bee sting is healing well. No reactions whatsoever. Kim checked out a book about bees for him from the library. He still likes them...on the pages of a book that is.

Anonymous said...


Calling coffee mud, that is real close to blasphemy...just kidding.