Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ken's Summer Reading

Well, break is I must begin studying and reading for summer classes. I have ten books to read this summer. I will also need to keep up with my Greek because I have one more Greek class in the Fall that builds upon the Greek class I just finished. Here is the list of books I will be reading this summer:

Baptists and the Bible by Russ Bush & Tom Nettles
Uneasy in Babylon by Barry Hankins
A Hill on Which to Die by Paul Pressler
The Baptist Reformation by Jerry Sutton
Kingdom of Priests: A History of Old Testament Israel by Eugene Merrill (who is also teaching the class, he is a godly, pastoral scholar, I took an exegesis course on the books of Judges and Ruth from him last summer)
The Christian Ministry by Charles Bridges
An Earnest Ministry by John Angell James
The New Guidebook for Pastors by James Bryant & Mac Brunson
Preaching & Preachers by D. Martyn Lloyd Jones
It's Still Greek to Me by David Allan Black


Amy said...

Ken, you know the John Stott book you recommended? The Cross of Christ? Is it a textbook or something? I've found other books by him, but can't find this one anywhere around here.

PS--enjoy your light reading this summer. That's some list! :)

Anonymous said...

Amy, here is the amazon link for The Cross of Christ;

If this doesn't work, go to amazon and type in The Cross of Christ.

I failed to mention that my reading list is dictated by my classes this summer. Although, I am almost finished with the first two books for my SBC class, and they are phenomenal (sp?).