Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Ph.D. Posse

Ken has a posse of sorts at seminary. It started with his friendship with Lee Tankersley, a Ph.D. student. Lee would often invite Ken up to the Ph.D. student lounge at the library. It was there that Ken got to know two other guys, Jeremy and John. (Ken enjoyed their company almost as much as he enjoyed the free coffee in the Ph.D. lounge.)

I hear stories every week about the four of them yabbering in the lounge. People think Ken is a doctoral student because he spends so much time with these guys.

Anyway, I got to see them all together tonight. We had the whole group and their families over for a cookout. The guys jib-jabbed around the grill about amillenialism.

Then the guys mumbled something about books and quickly disappeared into the basement to inspect Ken's library.

Ken is in his element with these guys! (I'm sure many of you can picture it.)

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