Thursday, August 2, 2007


We are praying for all those that have been impacted by the tragic events that happened last evening. For our First Free friends, we are praying that you will be a Gospel light witness in this dark time for the Twin Cities. Please comment back on any specific prayer requests you may have.

We want to point you to a blog post by Dr. Al Mohler this morning: He rightly points out that we often depend upon earthly structures for our support when in reality they ultimately cannot be depended upon. Only God can be depended upon at all times and in every situation!


Chris said...

Hey Ken and Kim,
We do have a praise! Two of Linda Leonard's girls were on the yellow bus you see down on the colapsed bridge. All of the children on the bus were rescued. Many First Free attenders were on the bridge some time earlier on that day. We are grateful for God's protection and that given the enormity of this bridge collapse and it's timing that more lives were not lost.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris, praise God for his grace! Just so you know, everywhere I go people are telling me that they are praying for you all in Minnesota.