Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wonderfully busy

Sorry for the delay in posting. Kimberly and I are adjusting to the new schedule. A typical day begins around 6:00 am and ends around midnight. The exciting news in the Schmidt house is how well Teddy Dean is crawling. He loves the action so he scoots after Calvin from room to room giggling all the time. Calvin was just gifted with a blue life jacket for swimming. He loves it and so do mom and dad. Calvin has absolutely no fear of the water. Combine that with the fact that he cannot swim and you can see why we really love the life jacket. Kimberly began her two classes in the Seminary Wives Institute this week. The courses are Discipleship I and Essentials I. I will let her write about the courses. I am so excited for her, she has been dreaming of taking these classes from the time we were engaged. I still love my classes. The amazing thing is that Hebrew Syntax & Exegesis is my favorite course! It does require a lot of work; probably 1-2 hours of study each morning, but it is worth it. The reading load for this semester's classes is about 50-75 pages a day.

We are going to the seminary's Annual Fall Kickoff Festival tomorrow evening. The big draw is hot air balloon rides for everyone. Check back this weekend for pictures...

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