Thursday, August 23, 2007

It was a good night!

Tonight was a great night. Kimberly has class on Thursday evenings, so that means it is boys night out for Ken, Calvin, and Teddy Dean. Two amazing things happened this evening. First, we were at Target and I looked up and found a package of Caribou Coffee whole beans decaf on the shelf! Second, and more importantly, we (the boys) watched the Green Bay Packers and ate popcorn. Calvin kept singing, "Go, Pack, Go"!!! Yes, it was a great night!


Pat said...

Sure glad you found your Caribou coffee, I was worried about you not having a good cup of coffee. Still going with the Pack I see, good luck. You're in our prayers. God bless
Pat & Nate

Anonymous said...

Hey Pat & Nate,

It has been a dry spell, but I did get an lb. from Patty when she and Lindsay visited for a a couple of days. I think that we are both in for a mediocre season. Keep in touch.

Ken & Kim