Monday, January 21, 2008

End of a great season

Last night the Packers lost. The Giants outplayed them. While last night's game was a disappointment, I am thrilled with the Packers season. It was fun to watch them play so well all year. The best thing about the loss was Calvin's hug this morning and words of sympathy. He said, "Oh Daddy, I am so sorry the Packers lost."

My predictions: The Patriots win big in the Super Bowl. Favre comes back for one more year and the Packers win it all.


Chris said...

My Condolences. My prediction, Favre gets traded to the Vikings, and they win big in 2008.
Yes...that is what will happen.

Kacie said...

You know, Brian and I actually watched the end of that game- we thought of you. So sorry they lost. You know what was most intriguing to me? The way all of those crazy football players kept warm in subzero temperatures. I was cold just watching them!

Hope all is well!

Pat said...

We are so very sorry for your lose. NOT. But still felt sorry for you.