Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our Last Christmas Party of the Season

Last night, we had our Sunday school class over for a late Christmas/New Year's party. It's kind of fun to let the Christmas season linger on into January! We had a delicious potluck ham dinner. Between the dining room table at full length...

And a second dining table set up in the entry way...

We comfortably sat fifteen people for dinner! Here are a few pictures of our friends enjoying the fellowship in our home:

This group on the couch is watching the Packers game. What Christmas party is complete without football, right?

We also played a group game that revealed some little-known facts about one another. Every one's kiddos were with baby-sitters, so we all actually enjoyed some uninterrupted conversations. It was a fun night! And now, it's time for the Christmas decorations to come down.

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Chris said..., party, party and then disapear? Hello are you there? I suppose those classes, jobs, boys, church, friends and neighbors keep you a "little" busy? Just want you to know I am thinking of you.