Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Fruit of Discipline

Yesterday was filled with battles between me and Calvin. Lots of disobedience and defiance!

Today, however, God allowed me a taste of fruit from my labor of disciplining Calvin...

Calvin threw a toy at Teddy after I had just told him not to. I told him to go sit on the naughty chair for two minutes. He went to the chair without any struggle. After two minutes, I called him into the kitchen to talk. I told him once more what he had done to deserve correction. He responded by clasping his hands together and saying, "Let's pray! Dear God, I sinned. Please forgive me. Thank you. Amen." I said (after I stopped gaping in shock), "Now go make things right with your brother." "Okay," he said, and then he ran to the living room to apologize to Teddy.

God knew how much I needed that encouragement today, to see Calvin receive correction without a fight, and to see his heart tender before the Lord.

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Chris said...

What a blessing to see his knee bend to Him who we ultimately sin against. Gives a new meaning to me of Matthew 18:3.
Love you guys,