Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Bee Movie

Last evening Kimberly, the boys and I watched The Bee Movie. It is the animated movie that Jerry Seinfeld helped write. He is the main character, Barry. Renee Zellwiger, Chris Rock and Matthew Broderick supply the other voices of the main characters.

I would recommend this movie. Calvin loved it and Kimberly and I laughed out loud at numerous points. If you liked Seinfeld you will like this movie. I only remember one line that was not pleasing to God or a parents ears.

I would be interested to hear of other children's movies that are clean and enjoyable for both children and parents.


Bren said...

We just saw a movie called 'Zoom, an Academy of Super Heros' with Tim Allen, Courtney Cox, Chevy Chase and a bunch of kids and we loved it. It was at an Inn we were staying at in South Dakota.

Amy said...

We laughed out loud all the way through Bee Movie. Cute!
The one that stays in our DVD player right now is Veggie Tales The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's. It's the story of the prodigal son, and they ask for it every day!
The other thing they love right now is the $1 "vintage" cartoons that we used to watch as children. Elmer Fudd, Sylvester, and Woody Woodpecker are their favorites and they just laugh and laugh..

Jessica said...

My kids love Lady and the Tramp. McKenna was a little afraid rat getting into the baby's room at first, but is fine now!

We loved the Bee Movie also!