Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Read and Learn Bible

At Christmas time, Calvin received a new Bible from Ken's Aunt Gloria. It is the Read and Learn Bible from the American Bible Society. We have enjoyed reading it with Calvin and have read it once in its entirety, as well as read some of his favorite stories many times over.
This Bible contains "102 of the best-loved stories in the Bible," paraphrased using the Contemporary English Version and the King James Version.
Interestingly, the introduction to the book says it is for children ages 5-8. This guideline might be for childen reading it themselves. But as we've found with our sweet 3-year-old, it can be read to children much younger!
The Read and Learn Bible includes many stories that our other children's Bibles don't. For example, it spends 73 pages on Genesis, including the creation account and detail on all the patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph). Calvin really likes the story of Jacob and Esau. I'm not sure why- maybe because it is about brothers and forgiveness, two things he's familiar with. But we've read it many times.
Some other elements of this Bible include geographical and historical notes, and parent pages explaining how you might talk about the stories with your children.


Jessica said...

We have this Bible also! McKenna and Ella enjoy hearing stories out it. McKenna is beginning to read a few of them herself.

cbeigen said...

We got the same Bible for Sophie for Christmas this year! I liked it best out of all the others I looked at because it had the smallest amount of text with the pictures on each page but still wasn't overly simple. I thought the illustrations were some of the better ones too. Amazing that in a few years she'll be able to read it herself!