Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kentucky State Capitol

We took a family trip today to Frankfort, the capitol of Kentucky.

We toured an historic candy factory, Rebecca Ruth Candy Company. Can you guess their signature candy? (This is Kentucky, remember) That's right, folks, the Bourbon Ball ~

Don't you love this picture of the pastor next to the bourbon ball sign?

The boys choosing candy out of the "non-alcoholic case" (Thank goodness for that) ~

A famous jockey (Calvin something-or-other) ~

The state capitol building ~

The grounds have enormous tulip beds, which are a week or so away from blooming. We'll need to go back again!

Also on the capitol grounds are the biggest hanging planters I've ever seen, though they've yet to be planted this season. It made me think, what flowers would I plant in these?

The Executive Mansion (Ken is not the Governor of Kentucky...FYI: neither is Teddy Dean.) ~

My new favorite flowering tree, the Jane Magnolia ~

This floral clock is supposed to be quite a sight when it is planted with annuals. Again, something to go back and see later in the season ~

We also learned some state history along the way at the gravesite of Daniel Boone.

Thanks to my sweet husband for planning this family trip!


Jessica said...

Kim and Ken,

Looks like a fun trip. I have fun in Kentucky. have you been to the corvette Museum yet?

I took the girls to the MN Capitol building a couple of weeks ago and posted on the blog.

Amy said...

I love Jane Magnolias. I've bought 3, and none of them survived in our yard...but they're just beautiful! Crepe Myrtles are breathtaking later in the summer, too...
Yes, you need to see the floral clock.

Chris said...

How beautiful, I would love to see those trees in person. Saw White Magnolia trees once, pretty hard to beat that. Better be careful, God might "call" you to the tundra to minister...don't get too used to that lovely wheather :-)