Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Chill In The Air

Over the past few weeks, we've awoken to a crispness in the air. That chilly air is like a message each year: "It's time for all things Autumn."

Two weeks ago, we raked leaves as a family. Or, more accurately, as I'm sure you can imagine, Ken and I raked leaves, and the boys played in the piles. And what fun is raking, really, without watching a child dive in and disappear beneath the heap?

The boys' closets are reorganized now with all their warm sweaters handy. And little boys in sweaters are irresistibly cute!

And there's been plenty of fall baking already...

In the past few weeks, we've had a family over for pumpkin pie, other friends over for apple crisp, I've made whole wheat pumpkin bread and sent pumpkin pie squares to work with Ken. I look for lots of ways to share these goods, by the way, because I always have more I want to bake than my family should really eat!

Next on the list is apple dumplings, and still to come will be cranberry cake and sweet potato casserole (Ken will be less than thrilled about that last one, but the kids and I will relish it!).

And, just as of yesterday, a nice big, round pumpkin sits on our lawn chair, waiting to be carved. Ken is hoping it has lots of seeds for roasting. We'll see.

We're already anticipating Thanksgiving. Harvest and thanksgiving hymns have been added to our family worship times, and, each week, the boys and I are checking out more Thanksgiving books from the library, building the excitement towards that special holiday.

A beautiful season ~ Thanks be to God.


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