Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Things They Say

Teddy has two favorite words these days, and both have to do with dirty diapers.

At the kitchen counter yesterday afternoon, the boys were going back and forth with this sort of talk:

Calvin: You're a poopy pants, Teddy.

Teddy: Poopy pants.

Calvin: No, you're a poopy pants, Teddy.

Teddy: Poopy pants.

At that point, Ken and I intervened:

Kim: Boys, that's enough. No calling eachother poopy names.

Ken: That's right boys. We don't need any more talk about poopy.

Brief silence.

Teddy, with a big grin: Pee pee.



Amy said...

Are boys born knowing this stuff??

Kaela would have been appalled--even at less than a year old--at potty humor. Ben is a pee-pee/poo poo joke machine!


Nathan and Heather Greenwalt said...

Why are kids so smart! Just when you're hoping a word of discipline will work...and they top it!
Then trying to hold back the laugh...even more difficult! Kids'll say the funniest things...
I'm enjoying your blog...I really need to update mine here tonight or tomorrow!
Have a great week guys!
Heather Greenwalt
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