Tuesday, October 21, 2008

These Boys Make Their Daddy Proud

Calvin is really catching on to the whole question-and-answer catechism conversation. He apparently wants to catechize his brother, though, in matters of football, not faith. On the way to the grocery store today, Calvin and Teddy had this sweet little conversation:

Calvin: Teddy, who does our family like, the Green Bay Packers or the Vikings?

Teddy: Gee Packa!

Calvin: What do the Packers do?

Teddy: Gee Packa take down Vikee.

Calvin: That's right, Teddy! The Green Bay Packers take down the Vikings.


1 comment:

Chris said...

I love this example of Calvin mimicking your teaching of Catechism. It makes me laugh, but it also is a reminder to us that these little ones WILL mimic WHATEVER we are doing, whether positive or negative. Mom’s and dad’s, we reap what we sew. Parenting well is hard but very rewarding.