Friday, July 27, 2007

Family, church, school and work

Life has become very full for the Schmidt family. We have spent a lot of time reading. Calvin participated in the Jeffersontown Free Public Library Summer Reading Program. He read enough books to become a SuperReader! He loves Dr. Seuss, Curious George, Doreen Cronin and Mary Carlson (from Bloomington, MN!) books. We read him the Bible every night. Just before bedtime he yells out, "Bible time Daddy! Bible time!" Bible time consists of first reading the story of Jonah and the big whale and then we continue from wherever we left off the night before. We are reading about Paul right now and have just about finished the Ken Taylor children's Bible. We just purchased a book called The Jesus Storybook Bible. Kim researched and found this Bible. It is great because it is the Scriptures and it tells how the stories and people point to Jesus Christ. We will begin reading it soon.

Teddy is eating squash, sweet potatoes, pears and bannanas. He loves to play Calvin's piano. He will sit there and plunk the keys and giggle. He also loves his big brother. The other day Kim tried to put the boys down for naps in the same room. Although they were exhausted they had each other wide awake and laughing within a few minutes. They are back in separate rooms...

Kim is busy with the family and church. She takes care of the three boys with meals, activities and all the hard work of maintaining a home. She is also getting to know the ladies at the church. Our church has an active preschool ministry. Kim and the boys have a weekly playgroup with other moms and preschoolers from church. They have been to the zoo, had a water day (Bouncy house water slide, water baloons, slip & slide, etc.) and frequent playground playdates. The Lord has blessed her with some great women friends. Calvin has a list of 'new' friends: Michael, Maree, Shelby, Caleb, Caden, Jonathan and Thomas.

I am enjoying time with Kimberly and the boys. Calvin keeps us in stitches. His latest phrase is, "That's not right." Yesterday he used it on me when I had to straighten out the van in a parking spot. I have been working on my Hebrew in the mornings. The evenings are spent at The Macaroni Grill as I finish training for my serving job. Sundays are the highpoint. We just love our church. I have been blessed to develop a friendship with one of our pastors, Jim Meeks. He is such a godly man with a love for the Word and the people in the church. I am learning more and more about serving the church from this man.

I have included some pictures of the boys.


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