Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A job for Ken

I was hired today by The Macaroni Grill to wait tables. This is an answer to prayer. I love interacting with people and this will be a great way to earn money to pay the bills.


The Lincoln's said...

Hi guys: It's been a while since we've written - sorry. Sounds like you're settling in and making Louisville your home. Congrats on the job Ken. You'll make a great waiter no doubt just because of your great outgoing personality. Look for some good tips! I'm sure you've heard the news that Heather and Sam are expecting in March. Other than that, not much news here on our homefront. Baseball playoffs for the boys, swim lessons, VBS and football season will get us through the rest of this summer. It's gone fast!

Anonymous said...

Hey Paige,

Thanks for writing and the well wishes for the job. I am going to have fun waiting tables and the food is amazing. Heather had called and told Kimberly about the baby, so exciting! Time flies doesn't it? Kimberly and I are already 2 months down on our 18 month stay in Louisville!