Friday, July 13, 2007

Louisville is feeling more and more like home...

We had a great week. The highlight for me (Ken) was studying the books of Judges & Ruth under Dr. Eugene Merrill. He is an amazing scholar, he has written books on the history and theology of Israel and a commentary on Deuteronomy in the New American Commentary series. One of the major blessings of his class is that he is not only a scholar; he has a pastor's heart. The class was academic and pastoral at the same time. This is what we should hope and pray for in our seminaries as they prepare men and women to minister in our churches.

Our family has had some precious times this week as well. Last evening Louisville really felt like home. We were at one of the numerous parks we go to, Veteren's Park, when we heard someone yell my name. It was our friends, Scott and Marcie. They were there for Scott's softball game and had spotted my Gophers shirt. We joined them for a slush at Sonic (we love Sonic!), where we ran into one of the pastors from church. Kim and I decided that this was our first "small world" moment in Louisville.

Calvin is doing great. He makes dad, mom, and Teddy laugh all the time. He talks, and talks, and talks...I wonder where he gets that from? Kim is keeping a notebook full of the funny things he says. Might be a good idea for a post someday...

Teddy has such a pleasant personality. He loves to play with his toys and laugh at Calvin. He is also finally eating solids. He eats pears and sweet potatoes. He is still our beautiful little chub. He is so in love with his mommy. When she walks into the room he lights up.

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