Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fourth of July in Louisville!

We had a terrific Fourth of July in Louisville! This morning we went to the historic Crescent Hill neighborhood 'old fashioned' Fourth of July celebration. The highlight for Calvin and the rest of the family was the classic car parade. He would have made Bop (Grandpa John) proud: he loved all the cars, especially the Model A's. Then we had our friends, Lee, Lili, Michael, Marie, and Luke Tankersley over for brats, corn on the cob and fruit parfaits. After dinner we all went to the Waterfront Park together. The kids had a great time playing in the water park and on the playground and the adults enjoyed visiting with one another.


Dan said...

ken - are you a cards fan already? that didnt take too long to jump on the bandwagon....remember you are from ND my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan- My choices are UND, which is division I, but in hockey, which is not a real sport AND the Gophers, who,, go Cards! Seriously, it is tough to get a ticket to a Cards football game and I think I have a line on one. I am also going to try and go up to a Bengals game this year. You should come down some weekend with Lyns and we can go to a Bengals or Colts game.