Friday, September 28, 2007

Church planting in existing churches?

Al Mohler blogged today on a subject that is increasingly interesting to both me and Kimberly. He discussed church planting and revitalizing older churches. Kim and I don't envision ourselves church-planting in the future, but perhaps we would serve as church-revitalizers. Over the past couple months, this thought has been stirring in us and giving us much to talk about and consider. We see many churches in America that need to be reinvigorated with the gospel, with pastors and lay leaders committed to preaching the whole counsel of God from the pulpit and to living out and sharing the gospel in the community of the church.


J C said...

I know just where God is calling you :-)
Love your updates and pictures!

J C said...

I realized I didn't tell you it was me (Connie A.) Hey, we're going to Taylor the weekend of the 19th. We're still harpin on Ben, get Ken signed on for chapel - well, maybe not harpin :-)
We love and miss you all!!