Monday, September 10, 2007

Who is Jesus?

I had the opportunity to teach in our Sunday School class yesterday. We are studying the Gospel of Matthew. My text was Matthew 3:1-4:11. I was reminded once again that how you answer the question that I posted in the title to this post determines your life here on earth and for eternity. "Who is Jesus?" Please read Matthew 3:1-4:11. The Bible very clearly tells us that Jesus is God. John the Baptist testifies to this truth (3:1-12), God the Father testifies (3:13-17), and Jesus testifies as well (4:1-11). Jesus Christ is God and that makes all the difference. If you are a Christian, remember this truth and submit every part of your life to him. If you are not a Christian, please, pray to God and ask him to reveal the truth to you about Jesus Christ.

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Chris said...

I really enjoy visiting your blog. Kim's commentary on raising two boys is so heart warming. What a gift that God has created in you a joy of daily life. And I am always challenged by the books you read, the energy you give to life and the thoughtful Biblical insights. You are special people.
Love you all,