Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Snippets of Daily Life with Calvin and Teddy

Calvin continues to delight us with the funny things he says. I've been getting a kick out of his possessive pronouns lately. Here's what I mean:

"Mama, I want to sit on yours lap."
"We go to ours new home."
"I found yours sneakers, Mama!"

Tonight, Ken picked up Calvin for a hug before bedtime. Calvin said, "You are big like Goliath." (Ken wants all of you to know that he has lost a lot of weight and is certainly not big like Goliath.)

Teddy is a beautiful chunk of chub. His legs are like tree trunks and his arms like sausages. He's starting to pull up to standing on his own, and is trying to creep along the edge of furniture. He likes to chase Calvin around the apartment.

I was out with the boys yesterday, and a stranger asked me, "Are they twins?" That was a first.

Calvin has a new cow costume for this fall. He likes to wear it while singing the Wiggles song, "I eat grass and I moo all day. I'm a cow."

Cal's Cars collection roams throughout our home, getting "lined-up," as he says. Anything from the movie Cars is still the thing in his life.


Chris said...

Ken and Kim,
Thanks for posting the new pictures. It is amazing to me how Teddy's face has changed in such a short time and he does look more and more like Calvin, but twins? Funny. What handsome, entertaining boys you have, and that includes Ken! I'm sure Ken enjoys being compared to a Biblical character...but Goliath? David maybe, he is a man after God's own heart.
I so enjoy your blog, thanks for taking the time.

mary breci said...

Hello! I so enjoy seeing the pictures of the kids and hearing about all the growing and changing they are doing! It is SO different around here without you. I am the new block captain, we are getting a crime watchers group going here. No big problems, just a way for us to all watch out for each other. And besides, what else do I have to do??? Mike is very busy back at work and I am hoping for sub jobs soon. love ya all.... M&M

Kacie said...

You've been tagged. Check it out here:

Nancy said...

Hi Calvin and Teddy!

How are you doing? We miss you. We hope you have a good time in Kentucky. We like the Cars movie too! Good job on potty training. Keep those Cars pants dry! We got a puppy. His name is Buddy. He is a golden retriever so he's as big as his mom now! We will carve our pumpkin on Saturday.

From the Ahrenholz kids in MN