Friday, October 5, 2007

Date night!

Last night was date night. The reason this was such a special date night is because it was our first in Louisville. One of our friends, Kelly, blessed us by offering to watch the boys. Calvin and Teddy Dean were thrilled that Mrs. Kantorski was coming over to play with them. To say that Calvin has a crush on Mrs. Kantorski would be an understatement. He adores her.

We spent the evening on Bardstown Road. This is the area of Louisville that is quite eclectic, resembling Grand Avenue in St. Paul and Uptown in Minneapolis. We walked up and down the road taking in all the shops and sidewalk restaurants. We had been advised to have a pizza from Wicks. Wicks is known for its 10 pound 'Big Wick' Pizza! No, we did not have the 'Big Wick', but we did enjoy a fantastic Italian sausage and green olive pizza pie. After that we walked the road again and I had a cup of coffee from Highland Coffee shop. It was the best cup of coffee I have had since coming to Louisville. I still miss Caribou though.

The great thing about date night is spending time together. We just love being together. Isn't it great that God gave us the gift of marriage.

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Chris said...

How wonderful to put all the business of life aside to focus on what is important and a gift. I'll have to remember Wicks and Coffee if we bring a college group down for the conference. In the mean time I guess we will just have to suffer through Caribou and Wise Guys Pizza! I sure miss having you in the office Ken, I always have those questions about the Bible to ask and it was just SO convenient when you were an office away. Have a great weekend.