Friday, October 19, 2007


In our home, the word "treats" produces squeals of delight. Calvin loves treats. We really try to make them special. For example, Kim and Calvin have a special date every once in while in which they go to the muffin store. Anytime momma is at school, Calvin and daddy have popcorn and watch football (we had to adjust last night and watch baseball). We've had a few special treats in the last couple of days. Jonathan and Yvonne Caldwell and their children Abigail, Annalise and Andrew stopped in Louisville for a day on their way home from a children's ministry conference in Nashville. We had a great time swimming, playing and chatting. This was our first treat. This afternoon momma made a special treat for her boys. Asian Chicken Mushroom soup for daddy, caramel apples for Calvin (mom and dad might have had some too...), and caramel for Teddy Dean! We love treats!

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Bren said...

Homemade caramel apples? How do you make them? Kim - have you read any of Lisa Whelchel's stuff? I am reading the 'Me in Mommy' and it is great to find ways to worship and memorize scripture while being a mommy - you may enjoy it. I know I will be checking out some books you have blogged about!