Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Training Children To Be Responsible

I have been thinking lately about the ways Calvin is becoming more responsible and how I can challenge him with even greater responsibility. Calvin is currently expected to:

  • Take his dishes to the sink after meals and snacks
  • Put his dirty clothes in the hamper
  • Do his potty routine completely
  • Pick up his toys at the end of the day
  • Respect his library materials
  • Put his shoes away when we come home from outings
  • Make things right when he has been disobedient, sinned against a friend or brother, or hurt someone

The challenge I'm giving him this week is dressing and undressing himself. He is able to do it, and has done it many times. But he wants me to do it for him. I'm encouraging him to do it all the way by himself, to embrace responsibility and reject laziness. A big concept for a two-year-old, I know, but I am always amazed what he can learn if I take the time to teach.

I have been using a prayer calendar called, "A Parent's Prayer Program" by Bob Hostetler. Today's prayer, providentially, was for responsibility. It reads, "Grant that my children may learn responsibility, 'for each one should carry his own load.' (Galatians 6:5)." My desire is that my sons will grow to be men who take responsibility for their own work, their manners, tongues, relationships, time, commitments, and who take responsibility for their own sin. That they would be men who follow through and whose word means something because they are responsible. Praying Galatians 6:5 for my boys has encouraged me to persevere in teaching them responsibility, for it is important and God-honoring.

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Bren said...

You are doing such a great job, Kim! You take your job as mother for what it is a job and you make it look real easy!