Friday, October 5, 2007

A Day Off

Ken gave me a wonderful gift today...a day off! I left home just as the boys were waking up, before all the morning diapers, potty-ing, breakfast, and dressing took place. I came home for lunch, but left before it was time to do the dishes and the next round of diapers and potty-ing. And then I stayed away until after nap time. Amazing!

I used the day to take a prayer walk, have extended time with the Lord, and to finish reading a book about parenting. It was refreshing and restful. A side benefit of this day, which I pretty much spent in silence and solitude, was that I could rest my voice (I lost it three days ago).

Have I mentioned that I have the best husband in the whole world?

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The Lincoln's said...

Hi y'all: I came across your address in my address book today and I wondered how you were doing. So, I came to your blog and realize how much I miss you guys. Kim, Ken is an amazing husband! The boys are adorable. I love the pictures of them. We have a busy house with both boys being in football and Don being the head hancho of the K-2nd Flag teams. I don't believe he'll be doing that next year! Just wait till your boys are both in sports at the same time. It can get hectic, but fun!!! Take Care and Kim I hope your voice comes back soon. I too tend to get that at least once a year. So far so good, but the year isn't over yet! The Lincoln's