Tuesday, June 17, 2008

For My Lost Friends

We go to the Louisville Zoo a lot (have you gathered?), and so the rhinoceros, the meerkats, and the giraffes are beginning to seem commonplace. My eye is looking for something more. I've realized recently that if you strip away the Bomassa and Australian Outback themes, the well-manicured gardens, the cotton candy and screaming kids, and, oh yes, the animals, you see something very interesting: the Dharma Initiative.

That's right. The ole "DI" right there in the Louisville Zoological Gardens.

So I present to you the relatively unknown exhibits at the zoo:

The "Orchid" Station ~
The "Hydra" Station ~

The "Tempest" Station ~

The "Temple" Station ~

The "Looking Glass" Station ~

The "Arrow" Station ~

The "Staff" Station ~

The "Swan" Station ~
The "Flame" Station ~

And the "Pearl" Station ~

Is it just me, or are you seeing it too?


Chris said...

You need more sleep.

Elizabeth said...

Chad and I took Georgia to the Zoo for the first time today and I think I spent more time looking for your "stations" than the animals! I loved you Lost post- I can't wait for next season!