Monday, June 2, 2008

The Things They Say

Calvin's best lines of the day...

When a customer asked his name while we were grocery shopping this morning:
"My name is Calvin but I usually call myself Mr. Incredible."

After I had asked him to put celery and cucumbers into the shopping cart:
"Mr. Incredible is doing all the work."

(I should add, the manager at Aldi has told me they ought to pay us to come in every day, for all the entertainment they get out of the time he marched up and down the aisles singing, "Life Is a Highway.")

While he was sitting at the counter for lunch, wearing nothing but shorts:
"This is what Pharoah looks like. An Egyptian without a sert (shirt) on."

Holding up the picture he just colored, some beautiful scribbles of blue, green, and yellow:
"This reminds me of the osen (ocean) at Madeline Island." (I didn't tell him that Madeline Island is in Lake Superior, not the ocean. I suppose it is an ocean to a little boy.)

Peeking around the corner when he was supposed to be napping:
"What is that delisis (delicious) smell?" (Strawberry cake, Calvin, but go back to bed!)

Good times.

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Chris said...

"Mr. Incredible" is a chip off the old block!